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CARBON X. The best is now better.
New Improved flexible field of view scanner.

The CARBON X Difference

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Carbon X image mobile

CARBON X. Even more poweful than before.

Fearless Flexibility. See specs

Technical Specs

Carbon X
Product dimensions

W = 200mm (500mm with rail)

H = 108mm

L = 271mm to 315mm

25µm at smallest FOV / 70µm at max FOV
Scan speed
250ms (0.25 seconds)
3D Resolution
Up to 5 million
Texture resolution
5.0 megapixel monochrome
Field of view
220mm ⌀ – 975mm ⌀
290mm – 1220mm
Point to point distance
0.038mm – 0.45mm
Camera Resolution
2 x 5.0 megapixel
USB 3.0
Power source
12V ⎓ 10A DC Power
Output formats

FlexScan Software Multi Language Support available in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


Product Overview

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CARBON X. The scanner that adapts to the situation

The Carbon X the answer. While other systems can be restrictive in its ability to only scan similar sized objects, the Polyga Carbon is different. What makes it special is its ability to scan objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the observable area (field-of-view or FOV).

Get the versatility you need all in one system.

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Typical Scans


  • Automotive parts
  • Engine casings, trans-axles
  • Marine turbines, propellers
  • Aerospace power units
  • Archeology & Conservation
  • Building information systems
  • Crime scene investigation

In The Box

carbon x 3d scanner

new carbon x

x 1

tripod head

tripod head

x 1

tripod legs

tripod legs

x 1

12v power supply

12v power supply

x 1

usb/trigger cable

usb/trigger cables

x 6

hardware set screw

hardware set

x 1

calibration board

calibration boards

x 4


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NEW Carbon X Highlights

Carbon X

New for 2023

Carbon X image

The latest carbon model, redesigned for 2023. Engineered to be our best flexible FOV scanner ever.

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New Brighter High Lumen Next Generation Projector With Blue Light Technology


Dynamic Fully Adjustable Field Of View On Aluminum Sliders To Capture Different Size Objects


2 x 5 Megapixel High Definition Cameras For Capturing Extreme Detail


Fast Capture Enabled With Advanced Built In Image Processing


Professional Grade Ultra Tough Aluminum Body With Scratch Resistant Coating


Integrated Photogrammetry Compatibility For Capturing Large Scale Objects

Adjustable FOV image

Adjustable field of view

Carbon X is a tripod-mounted 3D scanning system. You can make the field of view big or small by placing the cameras in different positions on the mount and calibrate the system for accuracy.

Positioned anywhere on the mounting rail for maximum flexibility. The 3D scanner gives you the versatility to scan objects of various sizes.

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New Blue light projector

The new Carbon X features a new more powerful blue light projector.

Blue light has a shorter wavelength which captures finer details with less ambient color noise. Capture more precise and accurate shapes and intricate details.

Blue light is also longer lasting and safer with a cooler operating temperature.

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Professional Grade

Industry & Metrology Level Accuracy

The Carbon X is designed from the ground up for industry professionals; engineered to meet the stringent accuracy requirements of aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, and metrology.

The Carbon X’s robust uncompromising 6061 aluminum alloy construction and anodized scratch-resistant coating is engineered to provide years of high-accuracy 3D service in the most demanding fields.

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