HDI Compact Support Tools

FlexScan3D Firmware

Flexscan3D and the accelerator tool both require the scanner to have a specific firmware to operate. You can update the firmware by typing your scanner’s IP address in your web browser and selecting Manage > Maintenance > Upgrade…

v4.7.12.47 Download
v5.2.19.71 Download


If you are having difficulty connecting your G3 to your PC, kDiscovery can help. The tool lets you verify and adjust the scanner’s IP settings independently of Flexscan3D.

kDiscovery Download


It is possible to enable the accelerator without going through Flexscan3D. To do so, you can make use of the accelerator tool.

v4.7.12.47 Windows 64-bit
v5.2.19.71 Windows 64-bit