Getting Started with GoAccelerator

About GoAccelerator

The GoAccelerator improves a HDI Compact C series’s processing capability by transferring the processing to a PC in the system.

Before using GoAccelerator
  • Download GoAccelerator [here]
  • Power up the scanner that you want to accelerate
  • Ensure that the version of Accelerator and Firmware are matched.
    (If version mismatch, Accelerator might not work properly)
    • To check Firmware version, run Flexscan3D and go to Scanners tab.
    • To check Accelerator version, run GoAccelerator and version is stated on the bottom.
Using GoAccelerator
The basic sequence to use Accelerator is below
  1. Run Accelerator
  2. Start Accelerator
  3. Run Flexscan3D
  4. Connect to scanner
The detailed steps to run GoAccelerator are below
  • Run GoAccelerator
    (If a Windows Security alert asks whether you want to allow GoAccelerator.exe to communicate on networks, make sure Public and Private are checked, and then click Allow Access.)
  • Choose device that you want to accelerate.
    If you do not see any devices, click Refresh button() to renew the device list
  • Click Start button to start Accelerator
    • After clicking button, the status will be Accelerating. Please wait until the status is changed to Accelerated.
    • Once the status is changed to Accelerated, you are good to go to the Flexscan3D and connect scanner.
Trouble Shooting
Port 8080 is already in use
  • If port 8080 is already in use, set Web port to any unused port on the GoAccelerator.