Patch Notes:

FlexScan3D Patch Notes

  • New Co-ordinate System tool for exact positioning objects in space for Export and Deviation Comparison
  • Re-Arranged the Mode Menu UI
  • Added Option to render a ground plane, and render local co-ordinate axis
  • Beta support for Geometric Entities


Beta Support for PTGrey Spinnaker Drivers.
Enables you to use BlackFly S. You must install the SpinNaker drivers from PTGrey separately. It is not included in the install.

  • Directly import / export Scanners to File / Camera
  • Many small HDI Compact optimizations and minor bug fixes
  • HDI Compact Rotary Calibration can be downloaded
  • Select Primary Rotary Drivers


  • Finalize scans directly after a Rotary Scan
  • Automatically apply co-ordinate translations to new scans
  • Added support for new Deviation Analysis Algorithms (2 are now available)
  • New Smooth Merge Algorithm, replaces old one, better results and 30% faster on large data-sets