Patch Notes: 3.3.22


New Features
  • H3 Frame Editing Tool
    Find quick start guide from the link
    Frame Editing Tool Quick Start Guide
  • Carbon Handheld Mode Support
    You need a specific system setup to enable this feature. Please contact our support for more details.
H3 Improvements
  • Fixed cutplane crash issue
  • Fixed the wrong coloring issue while scanning
  • Fixed silent crash on marker alignment
Bug Fix & UX Improvements
  • Scans will be properly ordered
  • Disable marker point projection when scanning with marker dots
  • Lower the camera exposure limit from 0.5 to 0.1
  • Removed ScanWhite & Phase Live capture and added Capture Test button for phase and white patterns
  • Fixed Export To Geomagic button bug



New Features
  • Support Trigger signals for all scanner models with external trigger input. ie. EVM, S1
H3 Improvements
  • Increased average frame rate from 6 to 12FPS
  • Improved data coverage during handheld scanning
  • Improved H3 alignment speed and accuracy
Bug Fix & UX Improvements
  • Fixed delayed start issue when the rotary table is not connected.
  • 360 rotary scans with the Combine option now generate mesh correctly
  • Setting images to the phase pattern now shows true scan brightness. (S1, H3, L6)