Map High Resolution Color Images To Any 3D Scan Using Free Tools

Map High-Resolution Color Images

Do you only own a monochrome scanner which doesn’t have options to acquire color textures.  Or do you find that your 3D scanner just doesn’t provide good enough color accuracy? Well we have found a free option for any user to add seamless full color mapping to a 3D mesh. All you need is a file containing mesh data, MeshLab, and series of photographs of the model.

To start, import the 3D mesh and photographs into MeshLab. Then blend the projections of each photo onto the 3D mesh using Raster mode. Rotate, pan, and zoom to line up the series of photographs with the mesh. Meshlab will snap the photo projection onto the mesh using its weighting algorithms to preserve details.

To see the full tutorial video, please click HERE.

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