3D Body Scanner for the Metaverse

3D Body Scanner for the Metaverse

The Metaverse, – IIn the Metaverse one will not just have an image of an avatar but become the avatar! You’ll want to replicate yourself digitally with a 3D body scanner! So if you’re going to be in the metaverse and live out your fantasies, you’ll want to replicate yourself digitally so that you, as you look, can be transported into the virtual world. When Facebook rebranded itself last October, all of a sudden this tech term exploded. It attempts to redefine what VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) means and how it interacts with the digital economy and digital goods.

Metaverse - 1 3D Body scanner
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Maybe in pre-Covid times, the idea of a VR metaverse might seem more far-fetched than it is today. Our need to communicate, interact and be part of a group seems more important than ever in the face of increasing isolation due to lockdowns, working from home and travel-restricted life. Given that we’re all spending time talking over video meetings, voice calls, and slack anyway, it doesn’t seem that far of a jump to literally be in a VR world together, and for some people that might be that social shooter they need in order to stay sane.

At this very moment, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t think any of us can confidently say exactly where the metaverse will end up. Whether it’ll be ubiquitous like the Internet or if it’ll be a technology footnote like Myspace. A precursor to what is to come, but not that we ultimately end up with.

Polyga, being in the business of manufacturing 3D Scanners, looked at the Metaverse and its many areas where 3D scanning can be critical to accelerate the creation of a metaverse, whatever it ends up meaning.

Digital Avatars

In the metaverse, you will not just be having an image – you will be having an avatar! So if you’re going to be in the metaverse and live out your fantasies, you’ll want to replicate yourself digitally so that you, as you look, can be transported into the virtual world. This is where 3d body scanners come in.

On a similar note, our H3 handheld 3D scanner is great for scanning people! Polyga H3 is perfect to capture color scans with high quality color and texture that can scan every detail including wrinkles and all the small details of your face.

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Asset Creation

Metaverse - 3D Body Scanner

If we’re going to have a digital 3D world, we’ll need to fill it with stuff, and not just a handful of objects, we’ll need enough 3D assets to create a rich vibrant world, full of digital objects that mirror what we’re used to in the real world. Otherwise, this digital realm that we experience is going to feel hollow and empty.

That’s where our high accuracy 3D scanners are useful; our S1, C506 scanners are able to capture real-world objects into exceedingly high detail, and to do it quickly by passing and creating those objects by hand.

Digital Worlds

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It’s not just the scanning of data; there’s the conversion of scan data into meaningful and optimized 3D representations that can be rendered quickly and efficiently in a 3D world. That’s where software tools like Xtract3D and quicksurface come into play. Once you’ve captured the data digitally, our tools can help you optimize, and convert them into usable digital assets.

3D being the backbone of all digital creations plays a big role in the evolution of Metaverse. While metaverse is still in its conception, Polyga offers a variety of 3D scanners that create digital data with minimal effort. Contact us to learn more and how we can work together in bringing Metaverse to the world.

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